Camera goodies

It’s always been a big question in the camera world – are you a Nikon or Canon photographer? I actually started out with a Canon rebel as my first DSLR when I was a teenager. When I got to college, I purchased a Nikon D800 and never looked back! I’ve been extremely happy with my Nikon and I’d recommend it to any intermediate – professional photographer.

When I’m not using the Nikon, I have a collection of all types of cameras scattered about. From a vintage Polaroid with 600 film, to a Fuji Instax, a Lomography Diana F+, and some classic film cameras like a Brownie, a few 35mm, a twin lens, and more. When you have so many great options at your fingertips, it really encourages you to pick one up and see the world through a new viewfinder.

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My Go-To Hand Lettering Tools

I adore all the amazing things you can do with hand lettering. I’ve always taken pride in creating nice letters when I’m hand writing, but this has ignited my passion. There are so many cool toys (read: writing tools) out there! I’ll give some details about my favorites below.

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens Available Here

  • These are great to start with. There’s a softer and firmer tip in the set. Start with the firmer tip until you feel comfortable with the motions, then try the softer one.

Tombow Dual Brush Lettering Pens Available Here

  • These are a necessity for any modern calligrapher! They come in any color you can think of, too. I do recommend trying out the Fudenosuke pens first, as these brush tips are even softer.

Pilot Parallel Pen Set Available Here

  • I’ll admit, I don’t have as much experience with these. However, if you’re interested in a more classic type of calligraphy, but you don’t want to jump in with a nib yet, try these. They have different sized tips and ink color options. The ink is in a cartridge, no dipping necessary!

Stablio Point 88 Pens Available Here

  • I love these pens! They write smooth, come in any color you can imagine, and don’t bleed through the page often. Fantastic for doodles, flourishes, thin lines, and daily planners.