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Matcha-fueled Creative seeks Awesome Clients

LINDSAY MICHAEL DESIGN is a creative design
& hand lettering studio that has been helping clients realize their unique visions since 2015. No task is too large or small, no ask is too strange—this is a safe space to be yourself! Lindsay has extensive experience developing brand identities and custom deliverables for a wide range of industries from luxury retail to oil & gas, food, beverages, and even your neighborhood veterinarian.

Lindsay can’t wait to partner with you to bring your ideas to life.


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Print Design

Brochures, magazines, business cards, resumes, layout design, white papers, flyers, signage, and so much more


Highly customized hand lettering for anything and everything. The possibilities are endless – stickers, tshirts, packaging, billboards, and more.


Large, small (or somewhere in-between), let’s make your brand’s vision come to life through a strong logo, guidelines, and everything beyond

Digital Design

Stand out in the digital world with interactive PDFs, presentations, social media posts, and enewsletters


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