Camera goodies

It’s always been a big question in the camera world – are you a Nikon or Canon photographer? I actually started out with a Canon rebel as my first DSLR when I was a teenager. When I got to college, I purchased a Nikon D800 and never looked back! I’ve been extremely happy with my Nikon and I’d recommend it to any intermediate – professional photographer.

When I’m not using the Nikon, I have a collection of all types of cameras scattered about. From a vintage Polaroid with 600 film, to a Fuji Instax, a Lomography Diana F+, and some classic film cameras like a Brownie, a few 35mm, a twin lens, and more. When you have so many great options at your fingertips, it really encourages you to pick one up and see the world through a new viewfinder.

To see what I’m up to right now, check out my photography on Instagram

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